Rival Food Vacuum Sealer Review

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The Rival food vacuum sealer allows you to preserve the nutritional value and the taste of your food in a time and cost effective manner. With this product you can easily preserve your leftovers, bulk food or any other item for days. Click here to buy from Amazon at a 44% discount Now!

It’s common knowledge that the air itself causes oxidation and makes food lose its fresh taste. Not only this, air can also cause dehydration and promote mold or bacteria growth on food products. The Rival food sealer vacuums out the air and thus, your food remains preserved for days along with its fresh taste.

Rival Food Vacuum Sealer Features

  • Easy-to-use vacuum food sealer
  • Easy Press/Hold & Release System
  • Locks in freshness and flavor
  • Hands-free and seal indicator lights
  • Comes with Bag Starter Kit
  • Works with Seal-a-Meal® & FoodSaver® Heat Seal Bags & Rolls
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray with Microban antimicrobi
  • Vacuum Trough catches overflow liquids

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The Rival food vacuum sealer works with Seal-a-Meal, FoodSaver heat Seal bags and Rolls. With this feature the Rival Food Vacuum Sealer can keep your food preserved for days or even weeks depending on the place you will store them later. With this Rival sealer you can keep food such as trout or salmon in the freezer for up to one year, fruits in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, and cookie dough in the pantry for 3-6 weeks without ruining them. The Rival sealer is very easy to use as it features the easy press/hold and release system. All you have to do is grab a bag, put your food in it and the Rival Sealer vacuums seals it with the press of a button. The sealing strip provides an airtight seal to any bag you want to vacuum seal with your food inside.

Cleaning the Rival vacuum sealer is also very easy and convenient. This product features a trough for catching any overflowing liquids. The drip tray featured in the Rival food sealer is dishwasher safe and it’s treated with antimicrobial protection. Thus, the sealing capabilities of the Rival food vacuum sealer allows you to prepare meals before time without worrying that it will spoil as time goes by. Not only food, you can also safely store valuable pictures, books, certificates or any other valuable items with the Rival Vacuum Sealer. This useful product only weighs 4.40 lbs and measures 15 x 7 x 4 inches with a cord length of 24 inches.

Rival Food Vacuum Sealer Review

As I conducted my research on the Rival food vacuum sealer I came across a lot of customer reviews on the internet. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Rival has always tried to provide their customers with the best products possible. The average rating of this product at Amazon.com is four stars and this website has 214 customer reviews for this Rival food sealer. Many of the reviewers have praised the fact that with this product they can easily preserve a variety of food products without the fear that it will spoil over time or lose its fresh taste. Reviewers have also praised the fact that this product is affordable and it delivers what it promises to its users. The easy to use press and hold system has also been praised. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

I did find a negative customer review during my research in which the reviewer said that the heating seal didn’t work properly. This problem can be solved by carefully reading the instruction manual and seeing how to use the heating strip properly.

In the end, after having gone through all of the reviews I would recommend the Rival vacuum sealer to every household who wants to be sure that their food will remain safe and preserved. Click here to SAVE $44.20 on the Rival Food Vacuum Sealer for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

James O'Connor August 18th, 2013 (#)

I have had 2 of these. They worked Great.. Once.. I used the first one for about 2 hours, sealing up some meat we processed.. Worked fantastic, put it on the shelf, couple months later took it down to use it and it would suck but not seal.. Thought maybe I got a bad one or maybe over worked it or ??? So I bought a 2nd one. I used it for about an hour and put it on the shelf.. Took it down a month later and sucks but will not seal. I believe that this is a VERY common problem with these units.. Spend a little more money and buy something with a warranty.

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