FoodSaver V2840 Food Vacuum Sealer Review

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This FoodSaver V2840 food vacuum sealer is ideal for those who buy bulk food items and want to refrigerate it for future use. It avoids the food getting spoilt and avoids freezer burn and the bugs getting onto the food, thus making great savings, especially for working moms. Sealing the food and preserving the food saves lot of money and works as long as you have a good vacuum sealer like FoodSaver V2840.

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The FoodSaver V2840 food vacuum sealer is a sleek model with compact design and portable. Saves lot of space and the best buy for saving the food items. The operation is simple and hands free. The sealing is automatic and just a single touch operation. It is anti-bacterial and can be cleaned easily. Only two parts require cleaning, the outer surface and the drip tray which is a new feature in this model. Outer surface can be wiped and drip tray is dish wash compatible. The FoodSaver vacuum sealer comes with a built in roll holder and cutter. The sealing level can be changed and comes with quick start guide and instructions in the form of DVD.

FoodSaver V2840 Vacuum Sealer Features

  • Vacuums, seals and shuts off automatically
  • 2 vacuum speeds with CrushFree Instant Seal
  • Extra-wide nonstick sealing strip
  • Flip-up space saving design with stainless steel lid
  • Dishwasher-safe antibacterial drip tray
  • Includes Bag material, accessory hose and instructions
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 9-3/4 by 14-1/2 inches

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The bags provided are sturdy and are reusable. The number of bags provided with the food saver v2840 will last for pretty long time. Making custom bags is also easy as it is provided with built in roll holder and a knife for cutting. They can be put in the dishwasher and recycled which counters the fact that it is a little costly. The sealed bags can be heated using a water pot and the freshness of the food is preserved. The sealing sticks are thicker and wider giving a good sealing for the food which will not pop open, the sealing is very fast. There is dual speed which can be set as require for sealing different types of food such as dry, wet and marinated cut-meat.

FoodSaver V2840 Review

Most of the customers who have given their review have rated this with 4-5 stars. They have found this useful for the easiness of use, compact model, and usage of less shelf space. The re-usability of the bags and the automatic usage option are very much appreciated. But there are complaints as well by the users. The major issue is the plastic bags coming up now-a-days. They are not re-usable and are found to be costly for a single use. Sometimes the savings earned by saving food is lost on the bags. There is also technical problem in this equipment like sometimes the vacuuming is improper and sometimes sealing is improper. This takes away the savings accumulated by food saving. There reviews where it is stated that while sealing the bag, lot of space gets wasted. There are also complaints about freezer burning even after sealing both the ends, which means all the efforts have gone waste in saving the food. Click here to read more reviews.

To conclude, the complaints may be only in some units and not all. Since there are more people who buy food in bulk and want to store it, it is worth having this at home. That apart on the offbeat it can be used to seal toiletries, emergency kits for travelling, and even documents. If you are a mom, you can seal baby wipes to preserve the hygienic condition and safe in your purse. There are enough reasons to buy this FoodSaver V2840 Food Vacuum Sealer and make your life more comfortable. Click here to SAVE $22 on the FoodSaver V2840 Vacuum Sealer for a limited time only!

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