FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer Review

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The FoodSaver V2460 vacuum food sealer makes keeping your food fresher longer and saving money much easier. It been improved with many additional features that is sure to bring more value to your purchase. One of those additions is a one touch Hands Free operation. Variable speed is another plus to the v2460, it adjusts the operation to work with different size bags and it includes rolls of bags. For the times that you are packaging delicate or moist foods it has a CrushFree Instant Seal function. For those new to vacuum seal concept, FoodSaver included a DVD.

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran or newbie to vacuum sealing you will definitely appreciate all of new additions to the FoodSaver V2460 vacuum sealer. All of it wonderful features are sure to deliver extended freshness and time saving at a tremendous value. The one touch hands free operation setting eliminates a lot of time being wasted.

FoodSaver V2460 Food Vacuum Sealer Features

The variable speed and sealing levels makes it much easier when it comes to vacuum packing moist and other delicate foods. The addition of the CrushFree Instant Seal function, which automatically stops itself to prevent the crushing of really delicate foods, is a huge plus. The variable speed also comes in handy when using different sized bags.

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One of the new additions that can be found on the V2460 vacuum sealer is a built-in bag roll holder, it holds rolls of bags that are 11 inches wide and using the auto cutter feature it can customize the size of the bag depending on the amount of food you are sealing.

A few other facts about the vacuum sealer is that it is small enough to fit on most any countertop (14 x 18 x 6 inches approximately) so you can keep it handy when needed. It is also covered by a one year limited warranty period. For those new to the vacuum sealing concept, FoodSaver included a how to DVD.

FoodSaver V2460 Review

As part of our research for the FoodSaver V2460 Advanced Design vacuum food sealer we discovered 44 consumer reviews posted online. From this consumer reviews it received and average rating of 3.9 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with the ratings it received mostly positive comments regarding its performance, but it did receive some negative ones as well. Many of the reviewers were really happy with how well it works. They also liked the fact that they did not have to hold down the lid until the sealing process is completed like earlier models. A few others pointed out that gasket that seals when the lid is closed periodically needs to be replaced and an easy trick to make it last longer is to wipe a thin coat of vegetable oil around the gasket. Click here to read these reviews.

As we mentioned there were a few negative comments left by the consumers that rated it lower. A couple reviewers mentioned that their unit stopped working prematurely which would be covered under the warranty and really is not that unusual for any product to have a certain percentage of failures.

After we finished our research on the FoodSaver V2460 vacuum food sealer we discovered for the most part the consumers that post reviews after using it for a while are happy with its performance and for that reason we would recommend it. Click here to SAVE $62 for a limited time only!

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